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Got my copy in today from Best Buy and seeing as others are interested I thought I'd give my thoughts on this release.

Transfer: As expected the transfer is the same as The Complete Mystery set. I'm using a '32 inch LG for my viewings but did notice the Criterion looked a tad bit crisper in motion particularly in outdoor scenes than the Mystery set disc after comparison. I suspect Criterion paid closer attention to the encoding for this Lynch release and did a very solid job surpassing the Mystery Set disc by a notch.

Also worth noting there are no chapter skips here unlike the Mystery set. Pretty much par the course for Lynch releases as shown with Eraserhead and Mulholland Dr.

Audio: I played the restored 2.0 stereo track and found it to be very solid and balanced well. The Jacques and Laura party scene with loud music seemed to be mixed properly here. I paid extra attention to lip movement in spots and didn't note any issues regarding sync issues. Overall sounded better than the lossy stereo mix on the previous release.

Extras Breakdown:
- The Missing Pieces - I found these to also be slightly better encoded than the Mystery Set and didn't encounter any sync issues (although I should note I popped in the Mystery set disc after viewing and didn't have issues there either so it might just be my player.)

- 2014 Interview by Lynch with the Palmer family - Sadly yes, the in-character portion of the interview was cut here. After the title it goes straight into the interview with the actors. Fairly odd thing to lead out as ...

- New Sheryl Lee Interview - Covers not just Fire Walk With Me but touches on how she got her role in the original series and briefly mentions the new series. Unless the set for Season Three includes it or Lynch felt it might now be incongruent with what he wrote for the new series it seems like a pretty odd thing to leave out.

- New Angelo Badalamenti Interview - This one was my favorite of the two new interviews. He goes into a bit of detail about how Angelo and David came up with some of the wild tracks for this film. Each interview ran a little over twenty minutes.

- The trailers for the film and missing pieces are included.

Sadly the Moving Through Time and Reflections features from the Mystery Set also aren't included.


- While I don't have a means of putting up pics of the packaging I can report it's the same type of digipak packaging used for the previous two Lynch Criterion releases. The booklet is fairly thick like the previous two as well running about 48 pages and features plenty of nice stills from the film as well of course as the excellent interview with Lynch.

Overall still a great release despite some dropped features. Probably not a must buy if you feel satisfied with The Mystery Set or aren't a Lynch obsessive like I am. The restored Stereo mix is what ultimately sold this release for me alongside the Badalamenti interview and both delivered.
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