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Originally Posted by fontcow View Post
Exactly. It's 212 tracks of nearly 10 hours of music.

Although if you enjoy Lynch and Badalamenti's music for Twin Peaks, it's a steal at $9.90.

FYI, these are all of the officially released soundtracks for Twin Peaks:

313 tracks—212 of which are included in The Twin Peaks Archive—totaling nearly 16 hours (15:59:30 according to my iTunes) of material.
If anyone's interested, I've been sorting the Twin Peaks Archive releases into my own custom albums for listening ease. They're roughly 15 - 20 tracks a piece, and I've been creating my own (paltry) album art to accompany them.

I can hook anyone that's interested up with the covers I've got so far - just gimme a shout. I'd post previews here, but I haven't finished transferring the stuff from my old laptop yet.
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