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Originally Posted by zbinks View Post
Noticed what? It appears to be a closed group.
Oops, didn't think of that.

Posts by Vincent Pereira:

I just got the Scorpion Releasing Blu-ray of Argento's OPERA, and was Italy suffering tremors during production? Ugh, what's with all the "shaking" (not gate-weave, but real shaking of the image, like the film perfs are slipping out of registration) during the opening scene? I really hope this doesn't affect the entire transfer. Very distracting.
Onto the second and now third scene, and the shaking continues, along with some occasional rather large pieces of dirt they didn't bother to clean up. This sort of image instability can and should be corrected. It's VERY distracting.
Also, the opening music cue hits too late, and what's with the noticeable change in audio qualiy during that opening shot? Very odd...

At the very least, the shaking continues for the entire first reel. I don't even know if I want to keep watching this now.

It's not "wobble" in the sence of telecine wobble, the image is literally shaking/shuttering. It's actually more distracting than wobble IMO.

The color is nice. Reel 2 doesn't seem to have the shuddering/shaking problem but it's all over reel 1. There's also some image flicker they didn't bother to fix.

There's no way image shaking would be distinctive to certain discs. It's a transfer flaw.

Image instability is common in raw scans but it can be fixed.

I can deal with the occasional spot of dirt, but Scorpion seriously needs to fix these stabilization problems for the 3-disc special edition that's coming later this year. They are very distracting during the first reel.
Getting rid of some of the flicker would be nice, too.

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