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Originally Posted by JohnCarpenterLives View Post

this is not true, when did i made him or post that he is the bad guy? Where?

but at this point, whats the point, all of you want to believe what you want to believe.

and no, me, nor the QC girl (go ask her), nor the authoring guy, nor the colorist KNEW the audio was different in DONT GO IN THE HOUSE, but you know, believe in what you wan to believe, its a free country, this is how "fake news" made millions think Obama was going to force Shari law on people, or Pizzagate, most people cant have opinions of thier own anymore and is lead by any "chicken little" to make decisions.

absurd, never posted ANYTHING about this individual, but you all go ahead and believe in him

its like working on these Paul Naschy titles, me and two top naschy historians are working around the clock to bring you the most complete version, but one guy will scream, oh no, its missing something I could have swore I saw on a Greece tv 40 years ago, then everyone will start to boycott

like ruinined pointed out, the wobbling is caused by shrinkage on the original negatives (yes Italians do not take good care of films I guess) so a new scan wont help you know. And the American Lab didnt catch it , they told me they couldnt see it till they put it on a 70 inch tv.

this is absolutely mindboggling..

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