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Originally Posted by Kriztoffer Swank View Post
I've been told that fixing the wobble caused by negative shrinkage is a common practice. It sounds like a situation where Scorpion didn't want to put in the extra money to make this the truly ultimate edition. This is a high profile release, and I'm sure they paid a fortune for the license and new scan, but I don't understand why they stopped there and didn't go all the way.

The reason for making a big deal out of this isn't to dump on Scorpion but to make sure these problems get fixed for the deluxe edition. I think it'll make picky people like me happy and will ensure more sales. This is one of my favorite movies, so somebody snidely saying, "Just don't buy it!" doesn't apply. I want this to be the truly definitive version, because I don't have a lot of faith that Shameless will do it better. Simply doing a "good enough" job on a golden era Argento flick isn't acceptable.
common practice?

by whom?

certainly not most cult labels, they will go broke.

Despite all of you thinking i do not go back and see if things can be fixed, I had TWO reputable labs in L.Am, two of them,, both quoted me a fee, that in order to fix this, it will cost THE SAME AMOUNT I PAID TO LICENSE THE FILM, which is 20K plus.

so what indie label pays 20k to do these fixes you speak of?

so if i do the fixes, where do I apply this additional 20K]]

you think you are a business man, you saying the consumers wont mind if i apply that fee to the msrp now? so add another 10 bucks per set? really?

i gave up, i thought blue titan told me he cleaned this place up, but he seen to have overlooked your hostile, and clueless posts

so i did look into fixing it, but i am sure you sill spread that i didnt.

And i see a new Fb user is posting your comments on my fb page. hmmm

signing out of this forum
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