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Originally Posted by minister_x View Post
That's interesting, as from another source I believe the US version has a runtime of 1:36:59 (which could be the same as yours, the 1 second discrepancy due to differing players). Maybe both releases are the same UK cut? That would tally with the bbfc, which lists a version at 1:36:52 with 0:28 of cuts...

EDIT: Unless the UK version has some form of substitution in place?
Originally Posted by Si Parallel Universe View Post
Not sure I'm understanding this at all.

Perhaps the only copies in existence feature 28 seconds of cuts ?

What are people alleging has been cut or to put it another way what does this missing footage consist of ?
Originally Posted by dwk View Post
I believe the cut footage is of a cockfighting scene, but I've never seen the film, so I don't know what time it occurs.

Okay guys, i can confirm that the uk set when played in a region A player is indeed UNCUT with no edits,

Having not seen the film before i decided to start watching it on a region B player to see if i could see anything, and i can confirm there is a
[Show spoiler]fighting scene in the movie with a few guys fighting with sticks
, as i was watching the screen kept going black and i could also hear cockfighting in the background which i thought was odd, sure enough i loaded the disc into my region A player and the scene plays with no black screen interruptions and cockfighting intact
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