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So in 2016, Fox gave TCM a color-corrected DCP to show both at the film festival and also through Fathom Events. I don't know how long it's been up, but MoviesAnywhere features that version. Interestingly, Amazon and Vudu still have an HD version of the 2006 restoration. I screencapped both versions and am presenting them below along with this site's BD caps. I apologize for not getting the exact frames. It's tough to pause on streaming sites without popup playback icons turning up, but they are the same shots. In order as presented, it's 2006, 2014, and 2016:

[Show spoiler]

I have to admit I favor the 2006 for the most part even if it leans heavily towards red and purple. The 2016 is muted in comparison but certainly more balanced then the 2014 BD. Some shots, like the last one, are a subtle change, but the whites and reds give themselves away since all the whites on Blu are cyan, and all the reds are brown. I'm happy to have both versions in HD. I have no idea if iTunes has the 2005 or 2016, though.

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