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"Uploading" all of my lost comparisons here now ...

3:10 To Yuma:

UHD-BD (madVR/SDR/200 nits) left, BD (upscaled) right:

[Show spoiler]Please note that the UHD-BD shots have been converted from HDR to SDR using special techniques, which drastically compresses the dynamic range of the original image (the color bit depth has been compressed as well). The UHD-BD shots are therefore not an accurate representation of the original HDR image - dynamic range, colors and contrast should be taken with a big pinch of salt and the main focus should be on comparing details. Typically the image will appear too dark and may lack a certain "pop" when compared to the BD shots. The SDR conversion should still give you a good idea of the actual image of the UHD-BD though and one should be able to at least catch a glimpse of the increased dynamic range. The BD shots have been upscaled for comparison purposes, but other than that should be accurate.
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