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Originally Posted by Nailwraps View Post
Great to see you have a deal with MGM now (and their 8th sublicensing deal so far!). Guess the debacle with Windrider was a blessing in disguise (or whatever that film was that you didn't know MGM had).

So does this deal you have with them consist of the 00's library or are there any 90's or 80's titles included (maybe some StudioCanal titles too that MGM has)?
It was a blessing. I'm motivated, that's for sure and clearly obsessed with putting out an 80's film built around the sport of "Windsurfing".

The deal isn't just for 00's stuff. I'm just staring with super commercial stuff that will resonate with both collectors and the casual buyer as well. Once we get through the first round we'll go back and see what's what. I'm just not chasing super old movies at MGM. As you know, I do like the 80's & 90's.
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