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Anime Limited in response to Re:Zero Complaints:

Right now effectively what you are saying is you'll be buying nobody's release then English speaking, meaning all you hurt is the brand itself long term then right now as the Funimation version is definitely the same.

To re-iterate for folks too and cover some other points out:

Why did we release the US version, not use the FR one? Simply put - you the fans decided it for us. We've taken a strong stance to bring delays down to a minimum and to guarantee day & date with the USA matching their master was the safest route. The secondary benefit is this also meant we just had stock in time for MCM Comic Con (literally on the day, which is why we found out first from yourselves than anything else).

To re-iterate these are the steps that we're taking right now re RE:ZERO now that I am back:
Speaking with both the licensor and the authoring company to investigate the issue.

Running our own checks on the UK discs we have here too.
Once we've done those things we'll come back on it to folk about it as and when we can - but it'll likely be a few weeks before I can do that as I prefer to understand the full situation and if there even if a solution first before doing anything.

Please note too for those talking replacements: Every time we have done a replacement scheme it has been for an experience that completely impairs your viewing and there is something we can do about it. Here as a reminder is the list again:
Cowboy Bebop (2013, replaced 2014) - Visual glitches due to capture errors on Part 1. This impaired the experience to watch and was not in the original master and while small errors, we replaced them as respect for those who supported us on our first release ever and set a good pattern in my opinion for which frankly I have only ever received grief for (this latest burst says it all).

Durarara!!! (2014, replaced 2015) - Discs were botched in multiple ways by Siren at the time, we re-authored and replaced off our own back. Probably our most expensive replacement scheme by the by too.

Gurren Lagann digipacks (2014) - This was an issue completely outside our hands which was frustrating after the delays in approval. This resulted in an entire printer being blacklisted by our production company actually. Probably the one we feel worst about still as it was never really resolved in terms of a fix except for a chunky voucher for the store.

Kill la Kill Part 1 (2014, replaced 2014) - Small audio desynchronisation issue found at MCM Comic Con time. We replaced this within the same year again for anyone impacted.

Kill la Kill Part 3 (2015, replaced 2015) - Box issue with tightness found at MCM Comic Con. We replaced this within the same year for anyone impacted).

Escaflowne (2016, replaced 2016) - Issue on an episode not being rendered properly for BD that manifested only on the final BD so we replaced that to ensure nobody's experience was ruined.

Your Lie in April Part 1 (2016, replaced 2017) - Issue on soft touch cover and soft touch inner making the box impossible to remove, revealing something nobody knew about printing (inc the printers!) Was replaced as soon as we knew the fix!

Your Name (2017, replacement due within Q3 2018 latest) - This one was a personal call in the end and ultimately was audio induced (as it turned out the 5.1 channels were borked). While video quality was disappointing but certainly not defective - the clear defect in the audio was a real disruption to the experience. For those wondering, we've revised masters now and are running final checks before we release it into the wild here over the next months.
So in this case with Re:Zero - while it strongly falls into disappointing for us too, it is not at least the common vernacular definition of defective for us. It totally deserves to be in the disappointing category though and we are looking into it as we love this show a whole bunch too (Andy has single handedly helped prop it up based on the large REM figure on his desk...which I can't help but notice isn't quite as nice as some of the Emilia figures out there...)


It's nice they made a huge response, but it doesn't confirm or refute anything, really. Still, a good confirmation that the people over at Anime Limited are actual humans (unlike those plebs at FUNimation)...

(They're still wrong about Your Name's picture quality, it's terrible no matter how you look at it- thank God they're continuing replacements...)
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