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Itís true that anime do get cleaned up for the home video release, but itís rare that new scenes are added. Hereís all I can think of:

And no, compilation films donít count. Code Geass, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Gurren Lagann, Trust and Betreyal, the Gundam compilations... all have added footage, but have major edits to make into a movie.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu- the biggest extension I can think of. Episode 1 was broadcast as a double length episode at 47:57, whereas on the Blu-ray, the episode was extended to the feature length 82:02. Also, Episode 12 has 52 seconds of new footage, as well as the OP/ED- which werenít in the broadcast version.

Date A Live- Uncensored, lots of new footage. Season 1 has 25 minutes of new footage. Season 2 has more of the same, possibly 40+ minutes of new footage? (Number not confirmed)

Psycho Pass- Season 1 was recut from 22 normal length episodes to 11 double length episodes with new scenes added to better connect them.

Gatchaman Crowds- Episode 12 was extended by around 15 minutes, but Sentai couldn't license it for their release.

Persona 4 The Animation- Episodes 1, 23, 24, and 25 were all extended for the Blu-ray release. Sentaiís BD has the extended versions. And these are major extensions- 5+ minutes of footage per episode added.

Persona 3 The Movies- The first 2 films have about 10 minutes of new footage added to the Blu-ray release of each film.

Danganronpa The Animation- The finale was extended by 10 minutes, and brought more closure to the series.

Legend of the Millennium Dragon- Film was extended by 19 minutes (originally 98 minutes, now 117).

Neon Genesis Evangelion- Episodes 21, 22, 23, and 24 all had re-animated scenes, new content that helped explain the plot, and new sound mixing. Plus, they were re-dubbed after the Broadcast version with a more accurate script.

The Rebuild of Evangelion- 1.11 and 2.22 both had the same treatment. FUNimationís BDs are of the updated versions of each film.

Dragon Ball Z- Battle of Gods- Created for a TV broadcast, this extended version adds over 20 minutes of new and longer scenes, better explaining the plot.

Mardock Scramble Trilogy- Uncensored, re-animated, new scenes. Sentaiís BD has both cuts of each film.

In this Corner of the World- An extended edition with an additional half hour of footage is being worked on.

My-HiME- The final episode, 26, was extended by a few minutes for the DVD release.

K: Return of Kings- Finale was extended by 5 minutes.

High School DxD New- Some new scenes added/uncensored. More fanservice, basically.

The Vision of Escaflowne- Episodes 1 to 7 were extended for the Laserdisc release, as the series was initially 39 Episodes long. The series was way over budget (look how beautiful it is, you can tell), so some of the scenes that wouldíve been in different episodes that were already animated were thrown in for the LD. In total, about 10 minutes of new footage. That is why FUNimation re-dubbed the series, as Bandai only dubbed the Broadcast versions.

Gundam Seed HD Remaster- Adds footage from compilation films into episodes, and has an INSANE amount of re-animated scenes. Good job Sunrise. Now the show doesnít look like total shit anymore.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann- Episode 6. Completely re-done for the DVD release. Too many details to list, just look it up for more info.

Fate/Zero- Overall, over 20 extra minutes of footage were added into the first 13 episodes in addition to Blu-ray corrections.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works- Like Fate/Zero, some new scenes were added in. Not many, though. Still, adds more atmosphere.

Nett-juu no Susume (MMO Junkie)- About 6 or 7 minutes total added; each episode is slightly longer, though Episode 2 is the only major addition, with close to 3 minutes added alone.

Originally Posted by NLScavenger View Post
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006) - Extended scenes (I know of at least one in ep #1), different episode order, different episode previews. The Bandai Entertainment Limited Editions included bonus DVDs with episodes in broadcast order + broadcast peviews, but the episodes still had the extended scenes.
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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffuís airing took place a month after a child abduction and murder incident in July 2003, therefore episodes 1 and 2 of the original broadcast contained a mixture of segments different than the ones included on the DVD release and later broadcasts. They removed the second half of episode 1 ("A Hostage With No Compromises") and the first half of episode 2 ("Hostility Passing-By") and put the remaining halves together for that episode.

Adding to this list myself, there are around 3-4 additional segments in Nichijou's home video release that were not in the original broadcast. These segments were included in the special "director's cut" version that aired on NHK-E from January-March 2012, but were not part of the broadcast/simulcast masters in the 2011 airing. The re-cut 12 episode 2012 edition got a special DVD-Box in November 2012, but has not been released internationally to my knowledge.

The recently aired Violet Evergarden's solicitation mentioned that there were additional segments in the home video release that were not in the broadcast version as well. Not having the discs nor Netflix, I cannot expand further. EDIT: (by me, Professor Who) ďMovie 1Ē adds in extra footage while compiling the first 3 episodes and adding a 5.1 audio mix.

And in a very strange case, due to complaints about the original opening animation for the first season of Love, Chunibyo, & Other Delusions, the opening animation was changed for the broadcast after episode 3. The home video release in Japan defaulted to the menu (a rare occurance in my experience) to allow the user to select whether they wanted the "director's cut version" opening animation (episode 1-3 broadcast version) or the "normal" opening animation (post-episode 4 version) for each episode. I believe Sentai Filmworks went with the "director's cut" version without giving fans the opportunity to switch, although that may be the version that TBS delivered.

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