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Soul Eater

Disc size: 39.9GB

Feature size: 39.3GB (episodes 1-9)

Episode 1: 4.2GB (file sizes per episode vary between 4.1GB and 4.5GB)

1080p MPEG-4 AVC
19.0 mbps AVG
40.0 mbps MAX

Japanese Dolby TrueHD 2.0 733 kbps
English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 2177 kbps

I was going to say this was an earlier release for FUNi, but it's from 2011, and their first BD was in 2008. This is a similar story to FMA Brotherhood, though I'm not sure what the production resolution was here- it looks better than Brotherhood, so I'm guessing 720p. It looks good overall due to the slick designs and cinematography, but there are issues. First off is line inconsistency. The character outlines are either aliased or were artificially sharpened in compositing production. Once it's pointed out, you'll notice it all over. Second is banding. There isn't as much as FMA Brotherhood, but its there and noticeable when it shows up. The OP and ED look much better than the show itself in terms of encoding, but that still leaves no excuse for a low bitrate. All in all, it doesn't look bad, but it could be better.

I then looked at the site's review and was laughing. It doesn't even talk about encoding except for a few lines that don't give any real analysis. It's just about the visuals. I've noticed that many reviewers here love talking about aesthetics over encoding. This is the worst example. Ugh...

Audio fares much better. It's the same old story by this point... audio levels are about the same, as is compression/clarity so just choose whatever language you prefer. (I prefer Japanese except for Maka... I get that it was Omigawa Chiaki's first role, but her acting is very stiff. Laura Bailey is perhaps the best dub voice actress in the business and she is excellent.)

It's an alright release. Wish it was better encoded, but it's perfectly fine. Not terrible my any means, but nowhere near FUNimation's few high points.
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