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Black Butler

Disc size: 35.3GB

Feature size: 34.9GB (episodes 1-9)

Episode 1: 4.7GB (it's only this high because there's a lossless commentary track included, the other episodes range between 3.1GB to 5.1GB, though they're all about 3.6GB)

1080p MPEG-4 AVC
18.9 mbps AVG
38.0 mbps MAX

Japanese Dolby TrueHD 2.0 24-Bit 683 kbps
English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 24-Bit 3072 kbps

It's an upscale and it shows. This is disappointing. The first scene has a hazy effect to be more "film-like" and it looks terrible. Line detail is poor with noticeable aliased inconsistencies, and despite the gorgeous artwork, cinematography and colour design, it looks poor. Even the OP, which is typically the best encoded part of an episode has distracting banding in wider shots. Linework is very thin and colours are muted. I'm not sure how much is intentional or badly encoded. Banding is present and highly distracting when present. Either way, it looks better than any DVD I'm sure, but not much better. Aniplex later released it on BD in Japan 2 years later (in 2014) with the terrible second season, and both are probably better encoded there. Season 1 is on 5 BD-50s, compared to FUNimation's 3 here.

Once again, the site's review is laughable. Nowhere does it mention that it is an upscale, and it's more about aesthetics over encoding.

Audio is a repeat of before... audio levels are about the same, as is compression/clarity so just choose whatever language you prefer. (Being one of the first anime I ever saw, I first saw it dubbed, and looking back... most of it sucks. Sebastian and Ciel have very good British accents, but everyone else is either a stereotype or laughably bad. The acting isn't that good, really, even with our leads. I can appreciate when a British accent is replicated well, but not at the cost of good acting. So, just stick with Japanese.)

This was a 2012 release, and having 4 years experience at this point, you'd expect FUNimation to have grasped video compression by then, but it appears not...
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