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Any evidence to either side? At the moment its just he said she said.
No Dolby logo on the end credits, for starters. The only home video releases of TENEBRAE that have been "stereo" are based around the Roan/Anchor Bay remix that was done by Bill Lustig. I still have my Roan laserdisc, and it prominently displays a Chase Digital Stereo logo on the back. Chase was the "go to" company for home video remixes of mono films. They even added new sound effects to the film for the remix (for example, the sound of an airplane flyover when Peter Neal first arrives at the airport).

My guess is Argento was forced to mix TENEBRAE in mono due to his budget being slashed after the failure of INFERNO at the box-office. Even into the late-1980s, lots of movies were still being mixed in mono, and in 1983 a Dolby Stereo mix would be something of a luxury. Or it could be something as mundane as the post-production being rushed and they couldn't book a Dolby mixing stage at the time. Either way, TENEBRAE was originally mixed and released in mono. Even the classic uncut Japanese laserdisc is mono, and the uncut 35mm print that is held by the Academy and occasionally screened is mono (said print was sourced to scan the English-language inserts on the Synapse release).

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