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I went through my region b locked titles that will and won't work with "top menu"...tested on Panasonic DMP-DB80, YMMV on other Panasonic players or brands.

[Show spoiler]
All extras should play fine unless specifically noted.
Cross of Iron: Menu will default to German. Extras will not work due to PAL SD.
The Deer Hunter: Bonus disc boots as well.
Ice Cold in Alex: Sylvia Sims interview and John Mills home footage won't play due to PAL SD. Trailer and gallery play fine.
My Darling Clementine: Second disc works as well.
Outlaw Star: All four discs work.
Pickup on South Street: Disc will “Stop” but press “Play”, “Stop”, and then “Top Menu”
Ran: Bonus disc will not load…menu might be locked at PAL.
They Live: Bonus disc boots as well.

Won't work:
[Show spoiler]
The Dam Busters: Menu will play on an endless loop with no options selectable.
The Driver: Disc will not "read".
Dunkirk (Vintage Classics): Menu will play on an endless loop with no options selectable.
The Man in the White Suit: Will be stuck on “Stop”, no region lock warning.
The Titfield Thunderbolt: Menu locked in PAL SD

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