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The main archivist at Paramount told me they cannot locate any original 35mm picture elements. The best that survives is the 3rd generation 35mm dupe anamorphic SuperScope negative.

Here's the lineage:

35mm camera negative - composed for 1.85:1 and protected for 1.37:1,
35mm fine grain master positive,
35mm dupe anamorphic 2:1 SuperScope negative,
35mm fine grain 2:1 SuperScope protection master positive.

From what I understand, Olive's release was mastered from the 4th generation fine grain protection master positive - a dupe of a dupe of a dupe. That's quite a few steps away from the OCN.

They do have the 35mm Perspecta optical track negative and have restored it but Olive elected not to utilize the three-track stereophonic sound as heard theatrically in 1956.

Your guess is as good as mine.
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