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Originally Posted by gigan72 View Post
If Revenge is still botched, this is an absolute disaster.
Revenge is still botched. Well, half-botched now. Which still counts as botched unless your 3DTV- if you still own one- survives the rest of your friggin life.

It looks lousy in 2D, and looks good in 3D on my old Panny plasma. I'd give the 2D a 4/10 in PQ and the 3D a 7/10, maybe 8 in PQ at times. Opening titles in particular had a lot of pop and detail was pretty solid. Quite enjoyed the flick actually. Thought it friggin hilarious.

Looks like Universal will have to give it another go. They did seem quite committed to getting it right, even if clearly someone is still asleep at the wheel. I wrote UVHE about the issue this evening. 3rd times the charm..?

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