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Originally Posted by Rusty100 View Post
I finally gave this a watch. I figured some of the more glaring HDR issues could be player issues, out of date firmwares, etc. So I thought considering I'm playing these on a PC (with HDR passthrough) that some of the weirder issues wouldn't happen. But, obviously, they did. The flickering fog, the sudden black level changes mid-shot, the glow on the gold cross conking out and returning, all present. Guess it's just a bit of a faulty transfer and not much to be done about it, sans whatever Dolby Vision improves slightly, unless we get a corrected disc.

The poor compression on the other discs I can see never being corrected as it's not exactly film ruining, but with this, they're pretty massive, obvious issues. I really hope they do a second batch with this stuff fixed.

There's even this incredible moment right after a shot change before the colour corrects itself.

I noticed with HDR totally disabled (so the colours are wack and too bright) the issues are still present, so it seems like it's not faulty HDR but baked into the encode.
The flickering fog is 100% an artefact of the original photography which would take a concerted effort to fix. The black levels changing mid-shot and the on/off cross are both fixed in Dolby Vision playback, at least they were for me.

The HDR10 layer is literally derived from the Dolby master using the content-derived metadata and it seems like whoever was overseeing the trim pass took their eye off the ball several times, they may have even just used the initial automated downconversion data (the first pass for DV metadata is done using computer analysis of the signal, this is Level 1, manual adjustment is Level 2 metadata) to create the HDR10 and didn't even bother to QC it.
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