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Originally Posted by oddbox83 View Post
Because the HDR10 layer has shit chroma compression in common with other recent SC 4Ks? As is pretty clear on ultra-zoom on that cap even downconverted.

The DV layers are far better, I don't know why SC is having such a hard time giving good HDR10 cores.
I've seen this sort of chroma compression affect several titles from major studios, some without DV (Blade Runner, Apollo 13) but most have been with DV and to me it makes the HDR10 layer of Paramount's Saving Private Ryan UHD literally unwatchable (I've had a pro compressionist give me his opinion on it and yes, he also thought it was wrecked). It's there lurking on several other DV movies but is never as bad as SPR because they're not as grainy as SPR, the severity of the grain and presence of other tricky-to-compress items like fog and smoke seems to be directly proportional to how badly the HDR10 layers on DV discs perform, like the HDR10 encode isn't being finessed at all and is just being shat out first time by the software.

But it's not a chronic complaint regarding DV on disc because several other studios (Universal, Lionsgate, Warners, Sony) seem to be able to manage blemish-free HDR10 layers on their DV-enabled product which perhaps points to a specific authoring suite being at fault rather than DV + HDR10 itself, the two main ones for DV being Pixelogic's software (derived from Sony's encoding tech) and the Ateme Titan. That said, Paramount's DV efforts have gotten MUCH better w/ref to encoding the HDR10 layers - I thought that the grainy old Jack Ryan movies were a recipe for disaster but they look fine in HDR10 - so in that case they've either switched authoring houses or they've finally started paying attention to the encoding of the HDR10 layer as well. However, it seems as if StudioCanal's authorers have started at zero and someone needs to have a ****ing word with them.
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