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I have the Blu Ray Set.
The HD Masters are very good. I never saw the show in this Quality. The Encoding is indeed a bit of a problem but i expected much less then what i finally got considering the number of discs. So they pulled it off somehow but its clearly not like it could be with more discs and has its problems. But i give turbine credit for doing it as good as they did with so much stuff on every disc.
The German DVDs look like garbage in comparison. Dont know about the US DVDs. But the german ones are horrible.

BUT....and this is a BIG but....the HD Master is NOT english friendly.
The HD Masters are the localized ones. Means that the Title of the show is German and the Episode titles too. Its the german broadcast version of the episodes.
And because it is like broadcasted in TV the Pre Title Sequence is ALWAYS after the Opening Credits. It was broadcasted like that in Germany.
In a hand full of episodes there are also some missing short dialog scenes or shortened Fights. The missing short dialog scenes were never dubbed and because the blu ray has the german HD Versions they are not included at all.
An Example for a shortened fight scene would be the Episode "Day of the Robot".
The Fight with Sloane after austin catches him at the helicopter is cut down. For example you dont see him punch sloane with the iron bar.
It was always like that in German television.
The company that released the DVDs back then used the original Masters and included all of those things for the first time. If necessary with Original Audio and Subtitles. But the Image Quality of the DVDs was like i wrote horrible.

So i dont think this Blu Ray Release is something for US Watchers or other non German Fans.

I have no problem at all with it cause im used to the german TV Version and watch the show dubbed anyway. Im glad i can watch the german version now in good quality. But i understand that this is no option for non Germans or the ones that always only wants the unchanged original.

Here is a comparison of the Credits:

And here some more Comparisons German DVD vs. Blu Ray:
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