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Originally Posted by Rockercub View Post
It's pretty much every outdoor scene. It's sort of a repeat of the Hellraiser situation for me. I totally get why people want the original look of the movie, and I'm not arguing for the scrubbing of grain or anything like that. But it just looks bad to me aesthetically, and I actually turned it off after about half an hour. Maybe some of that was having unrealistic expectations, and I probably need to give it another shot. I just read Shingster's comments over on the release's actual thread about why it looks the way it does, and it helped put things in perspective. But even if can process all of that and settle into the grain, I suspect I'll still find it kinda ugly.
It is very interesting that you brought up Hellraiser.

[Show spoiler]I recently managed to get my hands on a well-preserved archival print, watched it, took some scans, made sure they were representative of how it looked correctly projected and compared it with the Arrow Blu-ray.

Be aware that I really liked the Arrow Blu-ray despite the peculiar grain, and didn't have any problems with the color timing... When I watched this print, I couldn't believe my eyes. This film when viewed on film looks absolutely incredible, very stylish, quite a lot of blue lighting. I had no idea this film looked that good, home video has just done it a complete disservice.

One thing I will say is that this print was not grainy at all, even in low-light conditions there was nothing out of the ordinary, I wasn't even aware of it most of the time.

When I flicked through the Arrow disc not long after, it looked flat and orange compared to what I had seen, it looked ugly and noisy. In the scene where the cenobites appear at the hospital, the room in the print appeared more blue with Pinhead's skin also being bathed in blue which helped draw attention away from the make-up, on the Arrow the room is more neutral and the make-up job on Pinhead really stands out. Also in a scene near the end (see last picture below), in the print, there's clearly blue lighting in the background and the characters directly in front of the camera are covered in a warm glow from a fireplace (IIRC), yet on the Arrow, everything is again flat and orange.

It was like watching the film for the first time. I'd love it if every studio/label took the Warner approach and used answer prints (or at the very least view multiple theatrical prints) to assist with color timing. This "Hold back on the colors/contrast, keep the shadows intact, make everything look natural" way of thinking has got to go. It's not purist in the slightest, in fact it goes directly against what film naturally looks like.

Regarding Zombie, finally got to sit down and watch the 4K restoration in full. This is an incredible disc, the colors are absolutely gorgeous, don't see why anybody would have a problem with them unless they've subscribed to that silly notion described above.

Blue Underground pulled off an incredible accomplishment releasing this and Maniac back-to-back. Almost seems like they're saying to the other labels "Just you try and beat this, I dare you." Very excited to see their future 4K remasters which I hear will include The New York Ripper and Dead and Buried.


Should also note that the extra information on the top and bottom of those scans isn't part of the intended composition and was matted during projection. There is some information on the left or right (depends on which image) that was on the print that I didn't manage to capture due to equipment used and lack of time.

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