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Well well folks, the impossible happened. Well done to us all and a big thanks to Andrew Moultrie at the BBC for his email to me.

Thank you for your continued patience while we investigated the issue with the Red Dwarf Blu-ray set.

After a comprehensive review with all our suppliers involved in the manufacturing of this product we have now identified the source of the problem. De-interlacing did occur at tape to digital capture stage with one of the suppliers. This was not part of the Blu-ray authoring process as we originally had reason to believe.

The mastering of this release was a multistage process involving three separate suppliers. I hope you will understand that it would be inappropriate for us to say specifically where this fault occurred as we are remedying this with the company concerned.

We have started the process of recreating the masters and re-authoring these discs which will take approximately six weeks.

Details of how to obtain your replacement can be obtained by e-mailing our customer support line at If you have any problems obtaining your replacement product please feel free to contact me direct to sort out.

I truly am sorry the discs were not correct to start with and thank you for drawing this to our attention.

Very best,

Andrew Moultrie
So we won one which shows our emails and the expert explanations from some of you here has won the day. Well done all.
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