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Well, Alien in 4K DCP and Sony 4K projection was...nice. The colour seemed to be dialled down vs the 2010 Blu, less of that warm golden tinge in certain scenes but overall I'd say it was VERY similar to how the Blu looks in terms of colour balance, it's just slightly desaturated.

Gamma was SUPER high, taking out shadow detail all over the place, but then a release print would've done much the same thing and it never looked posterised and false (dat 12-bit DCP). It didn't look especially bright to me at all, but then I would say that seeing as I own a light cannon of a TV. I don't have any other versions to hand to directly compare highlight detail but the interesting thing is that a bunch of highlight info was present, I made mental notes (like being able to see all the individual spot lights in the 'engines' when Ripley fires them on the Narcissus at the end) and will compare to the Blu and prior versions when I get a chance.

Detail wasn't especially amazing - I can't wait to compare the oversauced Lowry Blu to the native 4K UHD - and grain was so fine as to be non-existent in many scenes, not saying it isn't there but on a screen that size from that distance thru those optics it tends to obfuscate it. What I *did* notice was that some shots had very oversharpened grain, it looked really edgy and electronic, and the opening caption with the Nostromo's specs looked kinda weird.

The other existing opticals looked just as they should, i.e. this didn't have the added star fields from the DC and in one shot you can see the stars winking on and off as the spaceship flies past them that Peter was moaning about earlier in the thread. Sorry Pete! Proper OG Fox logo too.

The thing that slayed me though wasn't the picture but the sound...oh mai, it was amazing. NOT in the wraparound 'Holosonic™' sense as the design still sounds like a movie from 1979, but the bass in the landing scene was excellent and the whole thing sounded so fresh, albeit still a bit choppy in certain moments. I never noticed before how many little bleeps and bloops and bits of electronic chatter are constantly bubbling away in the background, I'm not talking just about the obvious scenes with lots of people talking over each other (though they sounded clearer than ever) but even in the quietest moments, it reminded me a hell of a lot of Blade Runner's soundscape. Maybe this is how it's always been, but that then underlines how shitty my own 5.1 system is at home and only makes me more determined to get rid of it all, it just does not compare.

The film itself remains a masterpiece, it was a thrill seeing it writ large on the big screen again. Last time for me in the cinema was 16 years ago! Audience was very receptive too, several people were jumping at various moments and there was no nervous tittering. That chestburster scene is still sack-shrinkingly intense. Heard one dude say it was "a bit slow" on the way out, and you know what? It IS slow, it's the 2001 of slobbering alien movies, and that's exactly what gives it its power. Roll on the 4K disc so I can waffle on at length about it all over again!
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