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Originally Posted by Marsupial Werewolf View Post
One question though:
THE LAST VICTIM runs 75 minutes
FORCED ENTRY runs 72 minutes

That's some ...
reconstruction job there Demon.

1) Original cut ( run time unknown )

2) PG US edit 88 min ( per IMDB ) unverified

3.) R UK VHS 83 min PAL / 85: 51 NTSC

4) R FORCED ENTRY edit 88:30 min NTSC just double checked run time on FORCED ENTRY VHS

72' & 75' constitutes a serious fukk up.

The timings for # 3 & 4 are mine,
I have copies of the pre records.
The Nancy Allen forced 'entry' is on the VHS but in flashbacks when the creep wales up in bed.

How Dark Force failed to notice both cuts are running 15 min short is a good question,
but again
this is the company that separated me from my $$ on HOUSE THAT VANISHED.

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