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“THE LAST VICTIM/FORCED ENTRY Running Time Controversy: We are receiving reports of people complaining that this release is cut or that the UK tape has a longer running time. We have a statement we would like to release directly from Bill Olsen. THE LAST VICTIM came from the director Dimitri Soitirakis aka Jim Sotos who provided him with the only existing negative on this movie, which was the PG version. No negative whatsoever exists on FORCED ENTRY. Furthermore the negative of the additional violent scenes that were filmed for FORCED ENTRY also no longer exists. Jim assembled what he could on FORCED ENTRY using the existing LAST VICTIM negative and other sources. This is what he provided us. Jim Sotos is currently being cared for in a nursing home at the end of his life. So in terms of HD quality this is all there is and all there ever will be on this movie. What we got is straight from the source Mr. Dimitri Soitirakis.
WARNING: If we continue to receive complaints regarding the running time of this motion picture, Bill will order that it be pulled from Dark Force and jeopardize people from seeing the only high def version of this movie that will ever be available. This is basically a lost movie and the only other source in existence is an inferior prior VHS release.

This is all information that could have been provided sooner, sounds like we have another Necromancy on our hands
We provided plenty of information on this release sooner Fuccola. THIS IS A LOST MOVIE. It has never been released on blu-ray or DVD. I am told by Bill that Jim Sotos only authorized an '82 VHS release. We got access to the ONLY EXISTING NEGATIVE which was for THE LAST VICTIM. All the slugged in violent scenes no longer existed in negative form!! The transferred negative on HD looks beautiful and this is the only chance to see it in that light. So it's kind of a moot issue to make any big deal about varying running times that are not even verified when this is all there is and all there ever will be on high definition which is really the only format that matters. PERIOD.
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