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Default HBO codes still redeeming on Google Play?

Had 5 GP digital codes for different HBO series I attempted to redeem today. When I tested them on no option for google play came up, the codes just sat there, assuming HBO's redemption site is having some type of website issue happening at the moment (03/24/19) but double checking with some of the ninja changes to digital codes currently.


Method to Maximize your HBO redeems as of 04/19:


The moment any part of the HBO code is redeemed (regardless of how or where) equals HBODigital reporting the entire code is burnt.
While the GooglePlay portion is lost because the only way to generate that code is from the HBODigital site.
Important: If GooglePlay is redeemed first it may burn the vudu and itunes portion of the code.
Save the google play url for the last redeem.

1) Log out of Google Play. Visit HBODigital, generate the Google Play redeem url, save it, do not redeem GooglePlay yet.

* you will need to remove the "flowName=GlifWebSignIn&flowEntry=ServiceLogin " from the saved url end (after the &)

* If the googleplay generated url looks like: randofnumbersherethatyoudontneed

Simply copy, paste, and save the 23 digit GP code that has been generated for later use (after Vudu and iTunes redemption)

Originally Posted by ploog View Post

* p.s. Speaking of the workaround, why keep the whole URL when just the GP code is needed?I copy the URL but save and verify just the text associated with the "code" parameter, ignoring the "%xx" URL character codes. For example, keeping just "1BXXXXXXX4G7LUGW9Z2506V" from:

(which decodes as: "?code=1BXXXXXXX4G7LUGW9Z2506V&payload=")
Step 1b, for me, is always verifying that the extracted code is valid via the GP Redeem dialog:
2) First actual redeem should be Vudu or iTunes directly into those providers.
* At this point HBODigital will now report the code as being used and no redeems left.

3) The second redeem should be the Vudu or iTunes portion you have not used yet directly into that provider.

4) Last, now you can use the saved Google Play url link, redeeming the 3rd part of the hbo code.
Important: If GooglePlay is redeemed first it may burn the vudu and itunes portion of the code. Save the google play url for the last redeem.

While this method works as of 04/19, it could change in the future or not work at all. Seeing that HBO (warner) appears to working towards making these 1 redeem codes.

**As of mid July, starting with From the Earth to the Moon, new HBO codes appear to be Vudu only. No iTunes, No GooglePlay.**
Source: vraytchev 08/07/19

As of 09/19: It has been reported True Detective season 3 still is offering multiple redemptions. Source: jrod8

Not all new codes are limited to the Vudu Only 1 redeem. It depends on the title (thanks WB.. like this wasn't already difficult to keep track of)

HBO reported titles released after 07/19:
Chernobyl - 1 redeem (Vudu Only)
Deadwood the Movie - 1 redeem (Vudu Only)
From the Earth to the Moon - 1 redeem (Vudu Only)
Game Of Thrones Season 8 - multiple redeem
Strike Back Season 6 - 1 redeem (Vudu Only)
True Detective season 3 - multiple redeem
Veep Season 7 - 1 redeem (Vudu Only)

Another possible method for telling if the HBO code will be 1 redeem or multiples, what url location does the code slip specify?
If the code is redeemable at:
* - multiple redeems are possible (not always guaranteed and require the above method).
* on code slip - is always a single redeem.

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