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Default Diane: May I have a brief word with you? Sam: I suppose you could, but I doubt it.

I took advantage of that iTunes sale. For $20 I couldn't pass it up. Just finished liberating the episodes from Apple's eco-system authoring to Blu-ray. Went with a simple title menu for each, one season per Blu-ray disc. Worked out well. End result shown below. (I won't get into the steps involved as it's against the forum rules. Please take such discussions elsewhere. Thanks!)

Cheers: The First Season (1982)

Menus for the other seasons...

That being said, during the process of authoring to Blu-ray I spot checked the beginning and end of each episode. Found significant issues with 2 episodes from Season 4 and 3 episodes from Season 5. Took note of some other quirks as well. Thought I'd share what I found for those interested. See below.
(NOTE: All issues described below are present when viewing the DRM versions of the episodes as well whether you stream or download them.)

Quality checklist for...
Cheers: The Complete Series (iTunes 1080p download.)

Season 1:
No issues found.

Season 2:
Episode 1 "Power Play" is just over 24 minutes long. The HD download is just over 25 minutes long. The actual episode ends at the 24:04 mark. After the fade to black the video continues for another minute or so. For most of the additional minute the screen is black. Towards the end the credits start to roll a second time, but this time without sound, the Paramount logo at the end appearing squished. (When authoring to Blu-ray I removed the extra minute at the end.)
Episode 11 “Just Three Friends” ends with a (modern) CBS Television Distribution logo instead of the Paramount logo the rest of the episodes end with.
Episode 21 “I’ll Be Seeing You: Part 1” cuts off the Paramount logo that plays at the end. At the end of each episode the Paramount logo is displayed for just under 4 seconds, the sound that plays fading out cleanly. For this episode the Paramount logo is only displayed for 2 seconds, the sound ending abruptly as a result. (I'll probably fix this just for fun.)

Season 3:
No issues found.

Season 4:
Episode 1 “Birth, Death, Love and Rice”, the HD file was created using a SD source. The opening fade in on the Cheers sign and the closing credits are HD quality. Everything in between is clearly from a SD source and a very poor SD source at that. Another forum member stated that they may have read online that the original film elements for this episode were lost. I performed a couple Internet searches and found a discussion on this, but with respects to the DVD release of the episode which looks horrible also. Does appear the original film elements were lost. Very sad if true.
Episode 23 “Relief Bartender” exhibits is strange issue for extended lengths of time where the whites appear to be blown out. All skin tones appear milky white and the image looks somewhat soft. Other portions of the episode don't exhibit the issue, but still don't look as good as the other episodes.

Season 5:
Episode 10 “Everyone Imitates Art”, Episode 20 “Dinner at Eight-ish” and Episode 21 “Simon Says” stutter badly from start to finish. The playback is very jerky. Bad encodes perhaps.

Seasons 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11:
No issues found.

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