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Originally Posted by motorheadache95 View Post
Everything I've seen indicates this movie is much closer to the film prints. Maybe a bit more of a teal push, but much better than the old Blu-Ray transfer. The audio mix though, was a huge misstep (the not including the original track).

I feel like some people's expectations about the original experience are a little too high sometimes, like the only way to satisfy that level of historical authenticity would be to collect vintage original prints and screen them. Which would actually be awesome and something I would do if I was rich
It's not the expectations that are too high, it would just be nice if for a change there was no revisionism with these discs. We live in an age where this has become a trend and no one seems to notice or care, which is very concerning in my opinion. The best adjective to describe someone opposite to a purist like me is "philistine".

If you care in the slightest about these works (not just movies, of course) you would want them as faithful as possible to the original, or at least the way it always looked like after the first release, technological deficiencies aside.

I have this feeling the newer a release is (this also applies to soundtracks, yet it can be expanded to anything else, including books with revised/multiple editions) the more distant it actually is from the original, the "essence" of that thing. Not only the new people in charge want to do their own revisionism, the material also degrade over time.

These companies are never satisfied and they always need to change what they have for the worse and without anyone's consent/input.

Everything nowadays looks nice but I smell a sham coming with them from a mile away. Just because the image/audio appear to be better doesn't mean it actually is. If a considerable change is made to how a movie sounds or looks like (the latter again with the colorization example) then for me 90% of the disc value is lost. Unless, of course, a better edition/version is offered at the same time.

Here's what I think about the audio: if you pay attention to Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (2006) it has new sound effects (the director changed the whole thing completely, for the worse) and even new SFX like the one in which Zod avoids a flamethrower. But all these changes pale in comparison with the original (the flamethrower scene looks VERY FAKE compared to the old one). Just like that Youtube clip from Batman (1989), the new sound effects in S II (Donner Cut) are obtrusive. Loud and conspicuously annoying, contrary to what you had in the same scene from the original, when the thugs fired at Batman.

You see, this is practically a trademark from newer movies, at least the ones made since the 21st century: weaker sound.

And what Crapner does to Batman fans? They butcher the 1st movie with them, because some idiot thinks the way this movie sounds is not good enough.

If a viewer is unhappy about how a scene is lit, how it sounds, wants to improve the SFX, etc. then that's his problem, tell that person to make her own movie, have fun with a software and post her BS on Youtube or if she is going to do what George Lucas did with Star Wars (or what was done with Dracula, the 1979 version) at least have the decency to release a faithful version.

No, they want to treat all these movies as guinea pigs and do their dreadful digital tinkering, which should be a tool to correct/remove dirt and scratches from the negative, not to alter substantially the source material.

This has been done before, to Superman, Jaws, Terminator, Halloween, Psycho, Mad Max, Grease, Scarface, so it's nothing new.

What is new is that we are accepting anything these days. And while I can easily add the old audio track to this 4K I can't undo what they did to the image. For most part the movie looks fine, still it's a shame we have shit like this (besides the fact is darker):

Crapner definitely has an issue with the blue color

Judging from what they did with the Superman Blu-rays, where the blue is oversaturated.

This blue tone is a trend with 21st century movies, as this link explains:

And they want to apply to all old movies

I have an idea

I'll draw a moustache in Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa (first I will enlarge it, the original is very small) and ask a million dollars

Perhaps I'll find a buyer here on

The way things are going

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