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Originally Posted by bendermac View Post
False! The 2009 Blu-ray audio needs adjustments. Was already confirmed by people who've looked into this. Same goes with the LaserDisc audio.
I meant no UHD Blu-ray needs adjustment. Haven't looked into the new 1080p Blu-rays remastered.

I am inserting all the 1080p audios from all 4 movies into all UHDs just in case movies 3 and 4 are also affected.

The above member says -167 ms are needed to sync the BD audio yet forgot to explain how he discovered that is the precise number. I am not saying he is wrong, only that either the difference is too small for me to detect or there isn't one.

For the guy saying my caps are not reliable: son, this is how these movies look like in my PC (now properly corrected with the madVR renderer) and even in my IPP 10.5:

[Show spoiler]

It's not my fault you want to blatantly lie to all members of this forum by saying there's no difference between the old BD and this 4K. And it's not OUR FAULT that Crapner wants Batman to look like it was made yesterday, making it even darker and with this obnoxious blue light. They butchered the audio and modified how the movie looks like. FACT.

Granted it looks good for the most part, however unless you need your eyes checked you will discover it's clearly inferior when compared to the old BD.

Crapner is never happy unless it can change the color from actor's clothes, the skies, unless it's changing any blue detail from a scene to green or an oversaturated tone, or anything else detrimental to the picture.

So what if looks sharp, if I put dog's poo next to a diamond it would still be a stone with shit and this devalues the product and spoils the experience.

You conveniently forgot other movies suffered from the same wrong color grading. How about you tell everyone here this isn't new? Or you are too dishonest to admit that happens...? Since you act as if I was inventing the fact these distributors love to do this.

For a true fan and a serious collector / someone that values a faithful presentation this means there is no definitive edition, considering all these changes I see no problem in having all home video releases.

It's unfortunate how there were so much expectations and these companies always manage to disappoint us somehow. I haven't seen anyone asking for a new audio mix. Why they did it? It's also a disrespect towards the people that created these sound effects.

This is the sort of thing that we need to boycott with full force, otherwise tomorrow they will start releasing colorized versions of B&W classics and giving the finger to anyone that dares asking for a proper (B&W) release. Or maybe the original aspect ratio...

Colorization has been tried decades ago when was faced with a lot of criticism. Sadly in modern times many will accept anything without questioning.

These changes made to Batman are sending a clear message, that in the future anything can be done against the source material. Anything AT ALL.

This is why physical media is dying. I thought these antics were restricted to Youtube or random forums filled with video editors trying to show off...
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