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I've been talked into doing another cartoon special set (at least one before the last one) since they've helped things move forward well- and one of the collaborators offered to lend some 35mm that I just have to scan
This one is:

Announcing one of the last special sets! I was talked into this by some of the crew here since the films that a friend made available are so cool.

This special set is called:

Missing Links!

This disc (BDR) set features 14 cartoons- most of them being things that are harder to see- none available on DVD or Blu-ray before. Includes films by WB, Columbia, Fleischer and MGM. All are scanned from 16mm and 35mm prints.

This special pre-order available through June 15th, 2019 only. It's $14.95 plus $3 postage, $8 to Canada, $12 to anywhere else. Paypal is

If you have other Thunderbean orders, no need to include postage. We're trying to have all the special sets (including this one) done by August.

Thanks to everyone for supporting these sets and supporting the official releases over the years!
The discussion at the office started on this one because I have to pick up some films from a collector in New York. Most of them are 35mm, and the things I got are all really cool titles. One is in scope and I can't wait to see what that scan looks like...
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