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Rainbow Parades, volume 1 is getting really close to the finish line now. The last few films are getting scanned and cleaned up, and we're working on a fun menu design that includes new animation.

Side note: If you ordered the original set through Thunderbean's pre-order, you will get both volume 1 shipped now, and volume 2 when finished. You'll also get a sneak preview disc of Volume 2 films with the finished volume 1.

We're doing a little fundraiser 'booster' to help get Rainbow Parade, volume 1 finished a little faster and could use your help! For contributing, you get:

1) An original drawing from the animated title sequence
2) A short 16mm b/w strip of film from one of the Rainbow Parades
3) A disc of the Cinecolor Rainbow Parades in original, raw scans and pieces, including all leaders.

This fundraiser set is $14, with shipping included. Paypal, as usual, is Be sure to list 'Rainbow Fundraiser' in the paypal note. Thanks to all of you who make these things happen. We can use all the help we can to get the set to replication!
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