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If they want this to be definitive, here's a list of what they should include (besides the 45 episodes and the two German episodes and the previously released extras):

- outtakes from 102 (also, put David Frost's phone number back, the timing doesn't work as well without it)
- deleted footage from 102 and 108 (although these were cut out pre-broadcast, 102 has some good jokes that were cut purely because the episode was running so long that they had to cut anything they could; there are also animation cuts, it would be nice to have an option to watch 102 with the uncut animation and the full Pepperpot bit, but only as a supplement, not replacing the broadcast version)
- a better fix for the "gangrene"/"cancer" audio in 206 than was done for "Terry Gilliam's Personal Best"
- both versions of the audio from 209
- as good a restoration of 211 as possible; the animation should be completely fixable, but the cut "cancer" footage might be harder to match
- license the music to keep 304 intact
- restore "Political Choreography" into 312; also, possibly include the alternate caption gag opening "Tonight's episode will being straight away with the credits." "No it didn't, you started with that caption" or something like that; this was written, then scrapped, and then inserted into some versions of 312 because the opening had been cut.
- extended version of 403
- deleted scenes from 405 (might only exist in audio form, but worth including, especially for TG's badly fake American accent, which he tells stories about in subsequent interviews, completely forgetting that the bit was cut)
- "Christmas Night Without the Stars" from 1969 (might only exist in audio)
- "May Day Special" from 1971
- the Montreux Special from 1971
- "Close-Up Toothpaste", "Birds Eye Frozen Peas", and "Harmony Hairspray"
- "Liesbeth" appearance on Dutch TV from 1973
- any interview footage from the vaults, ie "Look North" from 1973, the PBS interview from 1976, etc.

If any of this stuff exists in the archive, that would be huge:
- the "silly bunt" line from 305
- fully restored animation from 309 (there is at least one known copy of the audio in fan hands; though it's largely a visual sketch, the audio could be used at least for basic timing purposes to recreate the animation)
- the "wee wee wine tasting" sketch (I forget which ep that was cut from)
- the lost "Tonight Show" footage featuring Python's first appearance on American TV (they bombed)

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