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Default Lou Buninís Magic Puppet animation, featuring ĎAlice in Wonderland

We're happy to announce the pre-order for Lou Bunin’s Magic Puppet animation, featuring ‘Alice in Wonderland'.

This Blu-ray / DVD combo, in progress for that last four years, is produced in conjunction with the Bunin family, features rare animated commercials and shorts by Lou Bunin as well as his feature film, Alice in Wonderland (1949) restored from original 35mm materials.

The pre-order features a special 'bonus' disc (BDR) featuring material not used on the final set.

The set is $16.95 plus $4 postage for orders in the US, $8 for Canada, and $12 for other orders outside the US. If you have other orders with Thunderbean, shipping is free. Make sure to list 'Lou Bunin' in the paypal note and make sure to include your address.

Paypal, as usual, is

Thanks to all for your patience and good will in supporting Thunderbean and the madness of restoring old films in general.

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