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Default Looney Tunes- Missing in Action!

More films for the 'All Censored' Blu-ray showed up here today- even better copies on a few films! We have a scan session Monday for these and another group on them after a period where the scanner wasn't available.

We're hoping to get 'All Censored', '1967', 'Toon Club' and 'Terry/LantzFamous' all sent in the next week or so along with the other titles that just got done. Now, to dub and get all these out the door! There's a bunch of things gong out the door this week still, including some long late things out of the country.

One of the collectors lent some other films with this batch not on DVD or Blu-ray, so we're doing another special set called 'Looney Tunes Missing in Action'.

This set (BD-R) will be scanned from nice 16mm prints of 13 Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies from the 30s and 40s not on DVD or Blu-ray. If not the last of the sets, it's at least pretty close to it!

The set is $15.95 plus $4 postage to the US, $8 to outside the US, and $12 to other countries. If you have any others already ordered the shipping is free. Paypal, as usual, is Please make sure to note 'Looney Tunes Missing in Action' in the paypal note.

Thanks to all for supporting all these projects!
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