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Could the long load times -- both in your player and all players in general -- be attributed to the fact that you're loading ~25 GB worth of data? It's just a thought, as I don't technically know the answer. It just makes sense that these first generation Blu players weren't quite made with fast load times in mind; at least not as a primary focus anyway. I'm sure future generation players will come with better processors and so forth.
No. You are never "loading" 25GB worth of data. Video and audio are streamed during playback, not loaded upon disc insertion.

The technical explanation is that there are essentially 3 ways a disc can be encoded: BDAV mode (simple, DVD like menus, not generally used for commercial movies), BDMV mode ("true" BD-style menus and features), and BDMV mode with BD-J features. Discs making use of BD-J require the player to load a Java VM in which to run the BD-J content. The latest players, PC players, and the PS3 have the processing power to do this very quickly. Older players ran with much slower processors and could take a LONG time to load the Java VM, run the "player speed test" that was included on many BD-J enabled titles, and finally, load and show the BD-J content. It's just FAR more computationally intensive than what other video formats needed previously.

Even within the BD-J enabled titles, there's a huge disparity among titles in terms of how difficult their effects are to pull off computationally. Some are fairly simple (such as replacing the player's on screen display when fast-forwarding) and others are FAR more complex (games and menus requiring lighting effects from multiple sources, etc).

As the latest players don't struggle as much with the speed, the studios are increasing their use of BD-J considerably to create newer and cooler menus and content on their discs... to the detriment of owners of older stand-alone players.
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