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Now that the embargo is over, Prepare to be impressed by this transfer. Disney has utilized the entire 1.60:1 aspect ratio of the full CAPS system, and the image is Taller than the 1.66:1 advertised on the cover. It reverts back to the original animated ratio (which was protected for a 1.85:1 matte theatrically.) A very negligible amount of cropping has been done to the sides of the picture. No DNR, no Edge enhancement in sight and no tampering to be found anywhere, this appears to be a direct port straight from the CAPS files. Aladdin has bold colors that take full advantage of HDR and most importantly the colors look right. The transfer isn’t overly dark, and not overly bright. Aladdin has several moments in the artwork where the clean up of line art has several mistakes. They didn’t clean them up here as they did in some previous versions, so this appears to be extremely accurate to the theatrical presentation.
Artwork that was low resolution hasn’t been smoothed over or replaced. Detail abounds throughout. The Atmos Audio mix appears to have the opposite issue of several tracks in that the volume might be a bit loud and the bass may be a bit overcooked, but to my ears it much more pleasant than the previous 7.1 mix on the Diamond Edition and closer to the original 5.1. Also, the vocals during songs emanate from the center Channel as on the original theatrical mix instead of spreading to other speakers unnaturally as they did on the Diamond Edition and Platinum Remixes.
This looks almost nothing like the previous transfers and that is a great thing. A massive improvement on every level. For those obsessive about changes, the opening and closing logos are the new Disney CGI logos, The Arabian Nights song has the same altered line as presented on every home video version. The line “down kitty, take off, scat, go” that some mistake for “teenagers take off your clothes” is present/not removed. End Credits have been re-rendered in native 4K and retain the original 1992 copyright date, but contain restoration credits. The Genie’s last line of “Adios amigos” that was added remains in this version as well.

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