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Thanks for the info. I was unaware of the problems with arrays, but it makes sense. I do have some questions though:

1. If playing the same frequencies (let's say your source is mono), would your fronts exhibit the same problem (a horizontal array playing the same note)?

2. You say raising the tweeter above the horizontal plain would help. I don't get this one. The crossover distributes the highs to the tweets and the mids/lows to the mids (yes, there's some overlap). I don't see how it makes any difference where the tweeter is, as long as it's at ear level. The problem should remain entirely with the two mids.

Also, wouldn't one solution be using a center with a 2.5 way crossover? IE, sending the highs to the tweets, the mids to only one mid, and the lows to both mids. That way the mids only have one source, so no reinforcement/cancelation. The lows should display fewer issues so using both mids shouldn't be as big a deal.

Let me know if any of this makes sense.

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