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We're working this week to get all the 'Noveltoons' pre-orders out with the special bonus disc, along with Grotesqueries, 1967 and 'Toon Club' and Thunderbean Thursday 2018' all together. Taking a while (school started and there's less help at the moment). More scans on Friday here, and we finally were able to borrow better prints of the ones we still needed for 'All Censored'. I'm working especially hard on the out of the country list this week, and making good progress.

That all said, after looking at so many Noveltoons and getting a pretty good list of who has what and what quality, we're doing a 'special' set called:

Even more Noveltoons!

This special set (BDR) features an additional 13 cartoons from the series, mostly from the 40s, including quite a few of the harder to see ones.They are all from 16mm prints (Kodachrome, LPP and Eastman) and will be all new HD scans. The set is limited to 70 copies and available for pre-order through the 17th only.

The set is $16.95 plus $3 postage. Canada Is $7 postage, other countries $12. If you have other orders, postage is free.

Paypal, as usual, is Be sure to include your address and 'Even More Noveltoons' in the paypal note.

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