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Originally Posted by aramis109 View Post
1. Put your horizontal center at approximately ear level while seated.
2. Point towards center.
3. Sit in sweet spot.
4. Enjoy movie.

While I have noticed some loss in off-axis previous to this post, its just not enough of an issue (I rarely sit there) for me to make a change. My family has never complained about it. I'm the only freak about audio in the house.
as mentioned by aramis, but let me take step 2 er... another step further.

in order to have a better soundstage created in your fronts, IDEALLY you would like to have the drivers aligned altogether in the same plane to, giving you a better panning experience, and less localization present.

imagine watching a jet scream from your left speaker, then suddenly go higher up (due to your center speaker placed on top of your telly), then swoop again in the right speaker.

again, its an ideology, rarely available for everyone.
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