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Originally Posted by crazyBLUE View Post
Thank's for the PM Big Daddy ! Even thought it was 2:00 am when I read this The second time I read, it made more sense !
I decided to try the vertical placement for the center ! I can't stand the center on it's side w/stand I have so I put A tower there ! If this sounds better in my environment , I may have to go buy 1 more BOSTON tower for my center !!

This will be A 3 day weekend for me W/A bunch of 5.1 movie watching !

THANK'S Big Daddy !!
Circuit City just had one of your Bostons for sale - one only - for 179!!!! I didn't know you where in the market! You may have missed this deal !!!

Big Daddy - you know I have preached vertical center channels for the longest - thank you for putting into words my reasoning behind it !!!!
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