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Default Announcing a semi-official set: The other Betty Boops, Volume 1

Since we're almost done with the Popeye in Technicolor set finally (and close on All Censored and others) and the other discs that are done are finally almost all out as of today, here's an offer for a 'semi-Official' set: The Other Betty Boops, Volume 1'

This set (a Blu-ray, most likely replicated) consists of *at least* 20 cartoons from the Fleischer studios, all scanned from original 16mm and 35mm prints. They are all cartoons left out of Olive films Betty Boop collections. Scanning has already begun, and as usual your 'crowd funding' will help make this set possible.

The pre-order is limited to 100 copies and will be available through October 15th only. It's $16.95 plus $3 postage in the states, $8 to Canada and $12 to other countries. Because we've been so slow with Canada and other countries, if you have any other Thunderbean orders this set is free for you.

Paypal, as usual, is

Thanks to all for the support through these years and for keeping the faith!
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