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Beyond the Blue Horizon

I’ve decided to compile a list of Eureka titles that were also encoded by Luke Louca. These discs should work in any non-Panasonic Blu Ray/UHD player by simply pressing “top menu”/“disc menu” at the region lock screen.

Special thanks for Patient-X for confirming certain releases.

Note: There might be more in the “Classics” and/or MoC line but I need people with discs (mostly late 2016 release-"High Noon") to confirm. Any release post-"High Noon" will not work. I am unsure if the standard release of "High Noon" will work.

Non-Eureka discs:

Note: Tested using the Steelbook release; presumably the CE disc will work as well. The extras disc will not load. Unknown if the standard 4K reissue was quietly fixed or if this release has the same disc as the CE/Steel.

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