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Originally Posted by Michael24 View Post
Got my copy Monday afternoon and just finished watching it. Though it looked great. I don't know what all of the restored footage is but I only noticed SD material a couple of times. So to me the transition from HD to SD when necessary is not very obtrusive or even that noticeable.
Totally disagree. The transitions are jarring. Not only is there a major sudden difference in picture quality, but the sound suddenly becomes much louder in some instances. But the worst part is how Scream handled this situation. There are several times when DVD footage is inserted. Just about every time, there are stretches that bookcase the inserts where HD elements were available, but Scream opted to stick with the SD footage surrounding the inserts I guess to make everything seem more uniform. Problem is, we're forced to endure chunk SD segments where HD footage was available. Terrible decision. For instance, a nice portion of a scene where Forrest Tucker tries to justify to Peter Cushing his reasoning for wanting to capture a Yeti is in SD when it could have been in nice crisp HD.

That same scene is in HD in the shorter version included on the disc. The shorter version can be found in the bonus section, and unfortunately does not include subtitles like the main feature, or any commentary. Why?

Anyway, this should and could have been a better release. I'm very disappointed with it. Bottom line is this could have been edited better.

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