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Received the Blu-ray yesterday, here are some screenshots:

I compared the cut Blu-ray to the Tai Seng VHS and also translated the older report on the previous Hongkong version, which was censored even more.
* Hongkong Blu-ray:
* Laserdisc / Joy Sales DVD:

Originally Posted by Mr. Odessa View Post
@Muck47 - I see that you've taken the scenes I've posted on YouTube years ago and did scene comparisons on a German website and I thank you for that. I accidentially left out 2 minor scenes from that YouTube video. It would be nice to see that content put into and I can help with that information.
Maybe I misunderstand your comment here but just to be clear: I've not "taken scenes", the comparison was done with the Tai Seng VHS containing the complete movie. We never create such reports based on single scenes and/or YouTube uploads of those, an official full release is a necessity.

I'm not sure if it was your upload as the original video URL isn't working anymore (deleted due to rights issues I guess?). But I indeed additionally linked to one YouTube video in the German report as this was very helpful regarding dialogue censorship. The YouTube clip pointed out some differences I simply didn't hear myself first and I then searched for the proper timecodes of these scenes. It also had some own (?) translations of scenes with altered audio for which the Tai Seng subtitles left me clueless why this was changed. And in most cases the Tai Seng subs are identical to the Hongkong laserdisc (and now the Blu-ray) anyway, even though the dialogue was clearly overdubbed.

As I think we have several native speakers on this forum, any comments/corrections on some of the dialogue censorship is highly appreciated. I can only rely on English subs here and obviously you can't really trust them all the time. Not the quality level we have on the recent Eureka / 88 Films releases thanks to the fans on this board helping out.
If I might have missed other changes please just let me know here or even better via PM.
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