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Hmmm, looks to me like AlltheAnime might be playing dirty when it comes to consumer rights.

I purchased all the Full Metal Panic releases they produce in their Xmas sale and unfortunately one of the discs in the Full Metal Panic Season 1 boxset arrived with what looks to me like a couple of blobs of glue or something on the surface of the disc. You can't remove it with a simply wipe and I didn't want to risk scratching the disc, nor could I really be confident the disc will play without issue on my own or any other BD player, so I got in touch with them to get it replaced, which they excepted and despite me pointing out that it was only disc 01 in the set that was affected and thus they only need to send a disc replacement, they've now shipped the entire boxset and given me a return address to return my own set.

So far so good... but they then said the following: "Once we've received the item, we'll ensure that your postage cost is reimbursed via an store discount code which can be used against any future order."

So there you go, if you happen to have been sent a disc with a manufacturing fault or any other fault on their end, they're gonna get you to post the item back (which isn't going to be cheap if it's a big box set) and you will be getting a voucher that will be next to useless if, like me, you rarely purchase anything from their website.

Not sure this is legal tbh.
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