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I just received my items in the mail. It is a legit, sturdy, bluray case and the disc itself appears to be legit; pressed. I don't know what a BD-R looks like but the artwork on the disc looks legit (smooth and glossy - no bubbles or peeling) and the underneath of the disc looks the exact same as other BDs I have of movies that are legit releases.

The poster was rolled, not folded. And the post card looks to be in good shape, made of fairly thick material. Seems a bit heavier duty that normal post cards, which is a plus.

The pin looks good too. Legit.

So wow, I was worried there for a second but it looks like everything is now in the clear. Looks to be a solid release. This is exactly what I was expecting when I first ordered this thing. Good ol' USA. Not that cheap Chinese crap anymore.

Now..... I just need to pop it in the player and make sure it works. If it doesn't, I'll be back to let you know. But so far I'm very, very happy.
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