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One of the other projects this weekend was starting to move all the old media from my old workroom's upstairs closet. There are old beta and VHS tapes, all the disc archives (from zip discs to CDs and DVD archives) to digibeta, 1" tape, 3/4" masters and other stuff. I scooped up a bunch of the really cool things I saw on them that we've never done anything with (for all sorts of reasons) and thought that it would make a really great collector's set.

So- here's a new special disc (BD-R) called:

"Steve's Closet"
This special set contains hours of rare material, some HD, and some from every possible source imaginable. It's a great set of things for the animation collector containing pencil tests, spots, clips, complete shorts and other things from all sorts of studios. If I'm unable to fit everything I want to onto a single disc, it will be on two. I'm going to try and have the set finished this weekend to send with some of the other things just getting finished.

This special set is limited to 65 copies. It's $19.95 plus $3 postage, $8 to Canada, $12 to other countries. Postage is free if you have any other Thunderbean orders. Paypal, as usual, is Make sure to include your address and 'Steve's Closet. In the paypal notes.

Thanks everyone for supporting these things and Thunderbean.
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