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Originally Posted by Magikor View Post
I was planning on picking up Snapdragon. Some random other titles I'd love to see that seem like they're within your wheelhouse for Rewind titles...

Project: Metalbeast (I know I mentioned this one last year and you had mentioned it was one you considered. I'm not hounding or asking for any updates, just a friendly reminder that I'd still love to see it)
The Hidden 2
Ski School 2
Light Sleeper
Ator 2 (aka: The Blade Master) (aka: Cave Dwellers)
So here's the problem with "Project: Metalbeast". Due to our distro agreement with Invincible Pictures, we have this. For the last year or so I've been searching high and low for materials to make an HD master and have come up empty handed. No one knows where the OCN or IP is. I'd settle for a 35mm print but I have nothing. If anyone here knows any collector that has a 35mm print of this, please DM me. I can't do anything until we find something to make an HD master.

In the meantime, MVD & Invincible are putting out a crappy DVD with the old (very old) 1.33:1 SD video master. That's as good as it's gonna get for now.

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