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With the new films that just arrived, I'll now have 14 of this series; one was just on the 'Terry/Lantz/ Famous set, and two are nitrate prints I'm going to pick up. I also left the Kodachrome Lulus that a friend has in a stack to borrow (four more I don't have).. and there's also two more Nitrate Lulus I'll be asking permission to use (that I'm also hoping to pick up this trip). Many of the special sets are wrapping now (I'm hoping to get 10 of them out together in the next week and a half or so). So, that said:

Here's a new special set: Famous Studio's 'Little Lulu' cartoons '(special Blu-ray)

This new special set (BDR) features at least 14 Little Lulu cartoons, scanned from 35mm nitrate & 35mm safetly IB Technicolor prints, 16mm Kodachrome prints and 16mm Eastman prints. The disc will be limited to 80 copies, and available for one week only.

The set is $16 plus $3 postage, $8 to Canada and $12 to other countries. If you have other Thunderbean orders, shipping is free. Paypal, as usual, is Thanks to all for supporting these sets and Thunderbean!
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