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So I was browsing the other day and finally found something of a press announcement for the 2020 releases here:

This article is from 27 February 2020 and in addition to listing titles, basically says that Nikkatsu will release 50 DVD/Blu-ray titles in the fiscal year 2020 (1 April 2020 - 31 March 2021) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Roman Porno in 2021, although the first film came out in November 1971, which would put it well within fiscal year 2021.

Altogether, 4 Blu-rays and 16 DVDs are set for release in June and August 2020, which would mean that a further 30 titles (if I had to guess, I would hope for at least 6 Blu-rays) were initially planned to be released after August 2020 and before April 2021. The article, however, was written largely before the coronavirus pandemic, so obviously, future releases are not necessarily going forward as planned.
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